Daughters of the King – The order of the Daughters of the King is an international religious order for Episcopal Women. Its purpose is to bring others into a living loving relationship with Jesus Christ and to help strengthen the spiritual life of our parish and its missions.  Daughters of the King pledge to a lifelong program of prayer, service and evangelism.

Our order has been involved in many endeavors one of which is the Africa Team Ministries.  Proceeds from these endeavors are contributed to assist the Africa Team Ministries in providing clean water and education in the Diocese of West Africa.

President – Bobbie Young-Brinson            Vice President – Francinia Camp  
bobbieyoungbrinson0809@gmail.com     campfran@bellsouth.net  
Secretary – Barbara Richards                     Treasurer – Deborah Maxwell          
2barbie@bellsouth.net   maxwedeb@aol.com