St. Timothy’s Episcopal Church has a perhaps unique youth program built around the Services of Worship and the Eucharist.  We have an active acolyte program through which our young people learn to serve Christ’s flock.  The Youth Chapel Service takes place every Sunday morning and emphasizes the three-part Christian curriculum of  1) Service, 2) Forgiveness, and 3) Righteousness. 

By participating in this service and in Sunday School, which immediately follows Chapel, young people learn Biblical literacy; the elements of the Book of Common Prayer such as the creeds, confessions, and prayers;  and hear brief sermons explaining the readings (especially the Gospel) of the day, told in language and in context they understand.  

The music program is also designed around the Services of Worship.  Our young people participate in youth choir and youth hand chimes; many sing solos and play the organ and piano.  The goal of our music program is to equip young people to take the roles now filled by their parents in the choir, on the altar, at the organ, and behind the pulpit.