Deacon Katharine Hilliard-Yntema

Deacon Katharine Hilliard-Yntema was ordained in the Diocese of Atlanta in 2011.  She has served at St. Timothy’s since 2014.  Her previous assignment from 2011 to 2014 was Holy Comforter Episcopal Church, Atlanta.  She had practiced psychiatry in a number of settings (private practice, care of mentally retarded patients, children in foster care, community mental health centers, correctional detention centers, Army Behavioral Health Center) until her retirement from the practice of medicine in 2011.   She has been active in leading worship and singing in skilled nursing homes since 2005.  She continues volunteer activity in the Arts Program of the Holy Comforter Friendship Center (, helping with weaving and other textile crafts. 

She is a life vowed member of the Society of Saint Anna the Prophet ( following vows of Simplicity, Creativity and Balance.  She is a member of the Diocese of Atlanta’s Commission on Healing Justice, which is working in collaboration with a corresponding commission of the Diocese of Georgia, to establish a witness for alternatives to the death penalty and for restorative justice in Georgia.  She is eager to have others join her in giving a voice to those who have been marginalized in our society by poverty, illness, racial bias, and lack of competent representation in the criminal justice system.  She very much enjoys reading to students as part of the Everybody Wins Power Lunch Program (  Ask her how you can become involved