Ms. Doris Pamela Sancho

Pam Sancho has been a member of ST. Timothy’s Episcopal Church since 1992. During this time, she has held the positions of Vice President and Treasurer for Episcopal Church Women. Currently she participates on the Worship, Hospitality, and Strategic Plan Committees. This is her second term on the Vestry, and, serving as Senior Warden. Pam was brought up in the Anglican Teaching and Traditions from baptism, through confirmation and into adulthood.

Pam retired after forty-four years of teaching.  She worked with Dekalb County Schools for twenty-three years, New York Schools for ten years, and her native country, Guyana for eleven years. Knowing always, that “to teach is to touch a life forever.”

Like her teaching career, her Bachelor of Education Degree was obtained from The University of Guyana, and the Master of Science in Education from the City University of New York, Brooklyn College.